Gulf Breeze Three Photos

November 5, 2013



Welcome to our very first blog.

We love our special little corner of the world and would like to share a “snapshot” of what (in our view) makes this “The Pleasure Isle”.  Snippets, musings and photos of daily life at the beach are a few of the things we want to share with those of you who have visited our shores and fallen in love with the whitest beaches in the world.  Or, for those who have not visited yet, we want to introduce you to some of the most family-friendly, beautiful beaches in the USA.  From time to time we may even climb on a soapbox to present our strong points of view on subjects such as the federally mandated blowing up of abandoned oil wells. This process kills thousand of redfish and their habitat. There has got to be a better way! We will not, however, venture into any discussion of SEC football. how!

We will also introduce you to new restaurants and Gulf Coast activities, mark special events or we may just post a picture of the weather. Even if it’s raining.  Cause even a rainy day on the Pleasure Isle just about beats anywhere else you can be…..except beside the one you love.

I mean, we are going to keep this blog real!

Til next time…