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November 6, 2013

Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival

FrankBrown“Cause they walk way from everything
Just to see a dream come true
So God bless the boys who make the noise
On 16th Ave.”

Lacy J. Dalton sings this song beautifully in her raspy, whiskey voice. It’s a tribute to the songwriters that bring their dreams to Nashville’s 16th Ave, better known as Music Row.  And November 7-17 some of the best songwriters in Nashville make their way south to bask in the sunshine and perform at venues from Mobile to Pensacola. The event is called the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival.

Mr. Frank Brown was the night watchman for twenty one years at the legendary Florabama Lounge.  When the owner of the Florabama, Joe Gilchrist, decided to have a small festival and invite some of his songwriter friends to perform, he named the event after Frank, a man of integrity and honor and a friend of all performers. Twenty nine years later, over 200 songwriters including Grammy winners, Song of the Year winners and Songwriter Hall of Fame members will play in venues from The Fish House to Lulu’s at Home Port.

And of course, the FloraBama Lounge.

So come and enjoy.  The rates are great and the weather (as I write this minute) is supposed to be perfect.  But most of all come for the music. There is a purity in country music.  Emotion.  It’s honest and open….and it’s about feeling.  Whether it’s about summer lovin, truck driving, good ole boys and girls or that I-can’t-live-with-this-broken-hearted-pain-one-minute- longer-so-shoot-me feeling, the lyric masters will be here for the next nine days.  The songwriters that are the up-and-coming-next-big-thing? They will be here.  And the songwriters for which the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival will be the highlight of their career? They will be here, too

Follow this link to make your plans Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival.

Call us at 1-800-786-1890.  We’ll find a condo for you to fit your budget and schedule.

Oh, and here’s to Tom Schuyler.  He wrote 16th Avenue.


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